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Welcome to Baseline Subiaco, the premier boutique salon for clients looking for the perfect cut. They specialize in providing a high-end experience for our client and we’re dedicated to perfecting each service to ensure that every client leaves with a look that is tailored to their exact specifications. Their team of experienced stylists are highly trained in the latest techniques and they take the time to get to know each client to provide a customized experience to ensure that their cut is exactly what they want. Their luxury and professional products are selected to give our guests the best haircare results possible whilst being mindful of sustainable, environmental and cruelty free concerns.
Baseline Hairdressing has an older demographic, primarily because the prices of the services are higher than those of other salons. In order to appeal to younger customers, Baseline wanted to emphasize the importance of hair care, which is particularly important to the 23-32 year old demographic. To do this, Baseline needed to create new content to capture the attention of their target audience and run ads accordingly. This allowed them to break away from traditional marketing and reach a new audience. 

– Create new content that appeals to the target audience
– Photography
– Videography
– Google ads
– Social media Ads
– Educational booklet


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Our target market was younger men and women aged 23-33, whose attention was mainly on their mobile phones. We decided to target Instagram, as it was the app most used for “time killing” and aimless browsing. Since Instagram was focused on video content at the time, we created a series of videos for Baseline. These included interviews with each stylist about their background and specialities, as well as a promotional video for the salon. The promotional video was run as an ad constantly, and the interviews with each stylist were run periodically. This allowed us to create a targeted audience based on the people who watched our videos.

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The photography concept was chosen based on the salon’s guidelines of luxury and highly fashionable. The style of photography we used was making the photos look professional and modern but only using natural light, creating shadows, and using vibrant colors. In addition to the photography, we also put an emphasis on posting the images on Instagram. We posted daily to keep the account active and to draw attention to it. By doing this, we were able to increase our followers and reach a wider audience. This also allowed us to target specific individuals for future campaigns. Through consistent posting, we were able to trick the algorithm and make it so that our account was being seen more often. This was an instrumental in achieving the desired outcome.


In order to create the brochures and study guides for Taylorweir, we began by establishing the brand and guidelines. Looking at the existing brochures and study guides and made sure to note the elements that needed to be updated, as well as the overall design. We then worked to create engaging designs that stood out and were aesthetically pleasing, while still ensuring that the instructions and the message were clear and concise. Finally, we made sure to test the materials for accuracy and clarity before sending them out.

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