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Bionic Homes Construction Company is a high-end, luxury home building company that specialises in custom-crafted homes. They have a strict building limit of only a few homes per year and pride themselves on providing personal service throughout the entire building process. Their team of experienced and highly skilled professionals are dedicated to delivering the highest quality homes, while ensuring customer satisfaction. 
Bionic homes is a newly established company built of its parent company Aurora Stone. Being a new company first and foremost, it needed to build brand awareness and recognition. This meant that it needed to create a strong online presence, with a website that conveyed its professionalism. Additionally, it needed to create more video content to showcase its services and demonstrate its capabilities. This could include videos of projects Bionic Homes had completed, interviews with key personnel from the company, or even a series of videos that highlight the construction process from start to finish. Finally, the company needed to create a social media presence, using platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to drive brand awareness and connect with potential customers. This would involve developing content that promotes their services, as well as engaging with current and potential customers.

– Creation of website
– Creation of graphics for website
– Creation of brochures to distribute for potential clients
– Video creation on-site
– Photography
– Set up of social media channels
– Content creation for social media channels
– Social media ads
– Google Ads




Through the use of videography, Bionic Construction can showcase their builds and allow potential clients to see the quality of their work. This helps to create a sense of trust and gives potential clients the assurance within the brand. In addition to showcasing their builds, videography can be used to create instructional videos for potential clients. By using video, Bionic Construction can help educate potential clients and show them how their projects can be completed. This helps to set Bionic Construction Company apart from their competition and makes them stand out in the industry. Finally, testimonials from their clients help to show potential clients the experiences that other clients have had with Bionic Construction Company and the quality of their work. This helps to further create a sense of trust and gives potential clients the assurance that Bionic Construction Company will provide them with the best service possible


To help build its professionalism and brand within its industry. We launched a website to showcase its services and portfolio of completed projects. The website has a professional design that reflects the companys commitment to quality and craftsmanship. It includes a detailed description of the companys services, customer testimonials, and an extensive portfolio of projects. The website also includes a blog featuring helpful tips and information about the construction industry, as well as news and updates from Bionic Construction. 


Copywriting services provide an invaluable service to Bionic Construction. These services enable Bionic to create blogs and other written content that attract potential customers, while also providing valuable and interesting content to keep them engaged. Copywriting services can help Bionic write blog posts that are filled with relevant keywords, topics and phrases that are related to the construction industry. This will help them rank higher in search engine results, making it easier for potential customers to find them. Additionally, copywriting services can provide content that is both informative and engaging. This will help Bionic build trust and authority, while keeping potential customers engaged and informed.


Google Ads has been a great benefit to Bionic Construction, a boutique builder in Perth. By targeting relevant keywords in their online advertising campaigns, Bionic Construction is able to rank higher in search engine results when people are searching for boutique builders in the Perth area. This has allowed them to increase their visibility and reach more potential customers. Additionally, Google Ads allows Bionic Construction to target specific audiences with tailored ad campaigns, making it easier for them to connect with their target market and generate more leads. With the help of Google Ads, Bionic Construction has been able to increase their online presence and gain more customers.


Bionic use social media advertising to build awareness and generate leads and enquiries. Social media is a powerful platform to create content that educates potential customers about their services and products. Through ads, Bionic can reach a wider audience with their content and create a positive brand image. The company can also create targeted ads to reach the right audience. By targeting users who are interested in their services and products, Bionic can ensure that their ads reach the people who are most likely to become customers. This will increase the chances of generating leads and enquiries. By utilizing social media advertising, Bionic can build awareness and reach potential customers with educational content. This will help them generate leads and enquiries, and ultimately grow their business.

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