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Jus Burgers is an iconic burger restaurant located in Perth, Western Australia. Founded in 2003, Jus Burgers has become a staple of the citys vibrant dining scene. With its focus on fresh, locally sourced ingredients and a commitment to creating innovative and delicious burgers, Jus Burgers has earned a reputation for serving some of the best burgers in Perth.
With an already great following and well known brand in the burger industry. Marketing of Jus was to be about innovation and creativity. However this all dramatically changed as Covid struck 2 months later. Great.. our entire strategy diverted from developing the brand further to finding a way to keep the doors open.

– Design an ordering app that would reduce the costs of using Uber
– Graphic design for all posters and new menus
– Social media ads optimized to run cost efficiently in hard times
– Optimizing the website to integrate with the app and make online ordering a easy process
– Weekly mobile notifications allowing s to push for app orders and deals 
– Photography of meals/deals for the app and website/socials
-Videography to promote the brand and create more engaging comment  


Jus Logo white


The way we fully optimized our ad budget during the pandemic was to make sure that we were leveraging multiple types of content to maximize our reach. We ran both video and photo ads across all of the major social media platforms, ensuring that our content was tailored to the specific platform‘s audience. We used targeted ads to ensure that our ads were reaching the right audience, as well as using the platforms analytics to track and optimize our ad campaigns. Optimizing our ad budget by focusing on tracking the performance of our ads, such as impressions, CTR, and conversions, so that we could adjust our ad budget in order to get the best ROI possible. Finally, we also used A/B testing to ensure that our ads were fully optimized for maximum effectiveness. By taking all of these steps, we were able to spend as little as possible while still maximizing our results.


The application we developed was a great success in the midst of the Covid19 lockdown. It allowed users to order food from Jus Burgers at cheaper prices than they would normally pay with Uber. This cost saving was also beneficial to Jus Burgers as they now had to pay less to the supplier, saving them money. One of the best features of the application was the ability to send notifications directly to users phones. This enabled us to communicate any new offers or deals to the users and increased customer engagement. This was a great way for Jus Burgers to promote their products and services and reach out to potential customers. We also offered an easytouse interface for users to look up menus, order food, and track deliveries. This made the whole process smooth and hassle free for the customers, increasing their satisfaction and loyalty to the restaurant. Overall, the application was a great success and enabled Jus Burgers to reduce their costs while increasing customer engagement and satisfaction.


Through the app we got many Jus burgers customers to download during quarantine. The app allowed us to send notifications to their mobile phone with latest deals, specific discounts and specials that are only accessible for users on the app. This was a great way to reward those that downloaded the app and incentivised others to do the same. . All of these strategies allowed us to really increase our customer base and keep them coming back to us during the quarantine period.


Creating video content for Jus Burgers was essential to stand out in a crowded digital landscape. During Covid, with all other food districts competing for orders, it was important to capture as much attention as possible. We developed distinct video ads that conveyed the Jus Burgers brand promise and highlighted their unique offerings. We also created carousel ads and single image ads for their social media platforms.

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