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Graf Australia is a leading plastics manufacturing company who specializes in the design and manufacture of solutions for stormwater, wastewater, and rainwater management. Their products are designed to optimize the performance of stormwater and wastewater systems, helping to reduce the overall cost of installation and maintenance. The company has a wide range of products, from modular tanks to pre-cast manholes, that are designed to fit any application. Graf Australia also provides custom solutions to difficult stormwater, wastewater, and rainwater management challenges.
The issue we were facing was that our website was difficult for customers to navigate, making it hard to find the products they were looking for. Not only that, but the website was locked down from head office, meaning that we were unable to track any analytics or collect data on our customers. This lack of insights made it difficult for us to understand our customers’ needs, preferences, and behaviors. We were unable to adjust our website or product offerings to better meet customer demands. As a result, we were missing out on potential sales and customers were becoming frustrated with the website’s poor navigation.

– Create a more user friendly website
– Create a more engaging social media presence
– Graphic design to separate GRAF from competition
– Video on-site installation
– Video on instructional videos
– Video testimonials
– Photography of on-site visits
– Targeted linkedin ads
– Targeted Google ads 


graf logo trans smaller


GRAF being a Business to business (B2B) company, Linkedin was our preferred choice of social platforms to distribute majority of our marketing budget towards. Linkedin has a massive user database and as a professional social media platform, allows for concise detailed targeting for our ads. With Linkedin we can target users from their industry, their company as so much as so their actual job role within a particular industry. Through Linkedin we generated many leads and enquiries and will continue to be our priority of social media platforms for GRAF.


Driving traffic to a site that was not providing clear information was a waste of funds. Therefore our first priority with GRAF was creating a more user-friendly website. Our touch ups were basic, but necessary. Firstly we cleaned up the design and format, included effective search functions such as product tools, use clear on contextual language for the Australian demographic, include helpful visuals and video’s, provide as much information and downloaded documents about each product and lastly making it as easy as possible for clients to get in contact.


Copywriting services create blogs with huge benefits to generating customers. By creating a click funnel of relevant topics and solutions, potential customers are guided back to our website. This allows us to capture their data and retarget to them about the issue they are interested in reading about. Retargeting potential customers with relevant topics and solutions helps to build trust and relationships. This can lead to conversions as customers come to understand the value of our services and products. Having a blog also allows us to showcase our expertise and authority in the industry, helping to build a strong brand image and drive more organic traffic to our website. Additionally, copywriting services can help to optimize the content of our blog posts for SEO purposes. By using keywords and phrases that are relevant to our target audience, we can ensure that our website and blog posts will appear higher in Google search engine rankings. This will help to draw more organic traffic to our website, as well as helping customers find us more easily.


Video content for Graf has been incredibly beneficial as it has enabled them to create engaging and informative content that can be shared with potential customers. Videos can be used to demonstrate product features, showcase customer testimonials, provide instructional guidance, and even document site installations. Ultimately, video content has been an invaluable asset for Graf, allowing them to effectively communicate their message and reach more potential customers. installations. Using video content can help to make complex topics easier to understand and can help customers to visualize the results of Graf’s products. 

graf website graphic


Graphic design content on social media is an excellent way to create a brand, capture people’s attention, and separate GRAF from the competition. By utilizing captivating visuals, engaging copy, and thoughtful design, GRAF can create content that stands out from the crowd and draws attention. Through the use of unique visuals, contextual imagery, and captivating headlines, We create GRAF content that will help GRAF to stand out from the competition, capture people’s attention, and create a strong brand presence on social media. In addition, by utilizing creative and engaging copy, GRAF can create content that resonates with readers and encourages them to engage with the content. By providing valuable information, GRAF will be able to build an audience of loyal followers and attract more clicks to their content. i

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