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The Halcyon project was previously partnered with another digital agency prior to us. We came into partnership midway through the project enabling a clean comparison between us and what another well known agency achieved, outlining a clear benefit for the client.

Halcyon was facing, was the leads generated for them weren’t interested buyers and the outlay of money being used for ads was exceeding the budget. Therefore they were finding themselves in a negative ROI.

– Ensure leads are pre-qualified buyers
– Restructure of website to be more user friendly
– Comprehensive competitor analysis on surrounding developments
– Restructure their retargeting strategy using tried and tested funnelling systems
– Create relevant and competitive Google Ads to build awareness and generate leads
– Constant posting of content to build social media presence and awareness 
– Create new and engaging content for agents to advertise with and build a pipeline
– Optimise their Realestate.com Ads to get the most ‘bang for their buck’
– SEO optimisation to rank higher on Google then other developments in the area


Testimonial videos are a great way to market a development. They provide social proof that the project is worth investing in and give potential buyers the assurance that they are making a good decision. Additionally, they can be used to align goals, such as when an investor watches a testimonial from another investor who speaks about the benefits of purchasing in the development. Furthermore, increasing the frequency of publishing testimonials creates a sense of urgency, showing potential buyers that the apartments are selling fast!


Agent sales videos are an effective form of marketing as they allow agents to present their personality and pitch a project to hundreds of people at once. We shot multiple videos for Halcyon, each with a different goal. We wanted to cover all different types of buyers, such as those looking to invest or those seeking a certain lifestyle. One video could focus on the finishes, amenities, and moneysaving features to appeal to investors, while another could emphasize the location and lifestyle benefits. This strategy allows for both financial and emotional purchasing.


We created templates for weekly social media posts to increase time efficiency. These templates were designed to align with Halcyon‘s branding strategy: a consistent purple and gold colour palette, and their logo presented on every post. We realized the need to engage viewers using the brand and allow it to be more solidified in their minds with the project and suburb. Colour is a powerful medium to ensure people remember what they see.


Creating a funnelling system that utilised social ads & the new website. 
This allowed us to retarget all potential leads with different content as they were travelling down the sales funnel. We identified one of the biggest major loss in funds was disinterested leads. So the second major change we made was filtering the leads by pre-qualifying them as interested buyers before sending their contact information to agents. We achieved this through structuring ads by asking our audience specific detailed questions that were applicable only to those who were genuinely interested and would exclude those without a real interest and most likely to exit the page. A keen buyer would continue to fill out the detailed questionnaire so they could receive the information they were looking for. 
How was this achieved? We used multiple sources of content to engage viewers as well as utilised the platforms algorithms to show our content to the right audience.


We take full advantage of realestate.com’s services by developing a timeline for when to use multiple packages at different stages of the buyers journey. This strategy will triple the effectiveness of the ads, compared to using just one package for the entire lifespan of the development. The first package suggested was the “Project Profile Package”, however, this was quickly decided against as it does not involve any lead generation and is therefore redundant if all the apartments have not yet been sold. Halcyon then opted for the “Front Page” package and set a timeline for how long they should run it for. When that expired they moved to the next suitable ad to run in order to follow on from the leads generated from the first campaign. By stacking each ad on top of the other, Halcyon is ensuring that they get the most effective leads through the development process.


Having a welldetailed, userfriendly, interactive website is essential for any apartment development. A website that provides potential buyers with all the details and contact information for sales agents allows them to make wellinformed decisions about their purchase and contact the right people in an efficient manner. This website also serves as a platform for apartment developers to market their property and stand out from the competition. In addition, an interactive website with features such as virtual tours and 3D renderings of the apartments can help buyers visualize the property and make them more likely to make an offer. Finally, having a website with uptodate information on available units and amenities helps to ensure that buyers have all the information they need to make a decision.

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Download the full case study below to see how we financially benefited the development so they could maximise their profit.