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Coming to Harcourts, they instructed that they wanted to take a step away from traditional marketing and agency operations and improve their digital landscape and efficiencies. Harcourts is a highly established name and franchise within the real estate world, so this was a task where we could execute and take full advantage of some creative options to help increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the customer experience.
Harcourts issue was they had a traditional real estate agency system that was outdated and not keeping up with the times. They needed to modernize their processes and learn how to use new technologies to better serve their clients. Needing to develop better ways of connecting with potential leads and engaging them with their services. They also needed to put more attention into areas like mobile phones, video, and social media. This would enable agents to reach out to more people and better promote their services. Additionally, they needed to start focusing on more modern marketing strategies such as digital marketing, search engine optimization, and content marketing. All these changes would enable them to stay competitive and generate more leads.

– Videography for agents                
– Automation on agents Facebook pages
– Social media ads that are more personalised
– Graphic design for new templates for ads
– Photography 




Social media is essential for promoting Harcourts’ properties. Since most people are on social media at least once a day, it’s essential for Harcourts to have listings and agents on those platforms to stay competitive. We optimize each agent’s social media pages, ensure consistency with posts, and run ads to promote certain aspects of the business. We apply the same principles to all the agencies we work with. Consistency is key and its power is evident. The ads we ran for Harcourts were property promotions, lead generation and buyer funnelling.


We used automation software to streamline the process of clients messaging agents through social media. From the image on the left, you can see that we have created a questionnaire for clients when they reach out to an agent online. This automation helps to reduce the time agents spend having to make conversation and gather information from the customer, allowing them to quickly scroll through the conversation to decide what the customer wants. For example, the first question we ask someone messaging our social pages is: are you looking to buy, sell, or request an appraisal? Depending on the answer, the next question will ask the time frame in which they are looking to get this done and the questions will continue to narrow down further.


Photographing for Harcourts was not a new task; every agent and agency has done it. To differentiate, we ensured all images were of the highest quality. We also added extra details, such as measurements of rooms and land sizes, as well as zoning information for land. This saved both customers and agents time, as it reduced the number of times the same questions were asked, and it improved the customer experience with Harcourts agencies. The more we can ensure the customer feels taken care of, the more comfort is built dealing with our agency and therefore more likely to buy with us then others.


Videography is essential for real estate agents in today’s world. With people spending more time on their phones and social media, it’s the best way to draw attention to agents and the properties they are promoting. Humans have a short attention span of roughly two seconds, so videos must be creative enough to capture and hold viewers in that time. TikTok’s success is a testament to the power of videography. As a marketing company, we strongly encourage agents to be as video-focused and creative as possible to engage viewers. We shoot a variety of video’s for Harcourts, such as property walkthroughs, testimonials, market updates, and educational videos.

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