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Bringing back the neighbourhood bar, where the staff know your name and the place feels like home. King Somm is your local bar & bottle shop, dishing out tasty pizzas & snacks alongside a rotating list of lo-fi wine, craft beers & cocktails. Set to the back drop of a hundred year old billiards hall with a gorgeous back beer garden, the space holds a capacity of 200 guests so it’s perfect for group catch ups and occasions.
We took on Kingsomm under new ownership, The new owners wanted to change the entire brand. To begin, we worked to create a brand guideline that matched the new vibe the owners wanted to achieve. We chose colors, fonts, and redesigned the logo to give the venue a cohesive look. To further this look, we updated the website and created a new social presence with our photography style/presets that aligned with the brand guidelines. At the start one important thing we focus on with rebrands is taking on customer feedback, this is to ensure that changes were being made with the customer in mind. Through this process, we were able to give Kingsomm a brand that was cohesive and communicated the new vibe the owners wanted to achieve. This allowed us to generate regular customers, as well as draw in new customers through word of mouth.

– Develop a immersive website unique to other similar venues
– Create social media ads and campaigns to drive traffic and awareness
– Graphic design for all posts, images, menus and posters.
– Photography that emulates the brand guidelines, keeping consistent
– Videography creating unique and engaging content that are more informative then sales   




We wanted the branding of Kingsomm to be a reflection of the community and artistic spirit of the neighbourhood. This is why we have centred our social media posts around artwork and candid photographs of people in the neighbourhood. Our artwork is abstract and has messaging that speaks to the community and their values. We also use a dark preset in our photos to create a more less professional look (Professional photography typically has better lighting). Our ads follow suit with the same abstract art that captures people’s attention through bright colours, and subtle animations. We are also incorporating more candid photography to give our audience a more realistic and personal view of the Kingsomm neighbourhood. Overall, our branding is a reflection of the artistic, vibrant and community-centric neighbourhood that Kingsomm is.


The website was developed to be aesthetically pleasing and modern, using animations to make the user experience more interactive. The colour scheme was changed to reflect the new brand that Kingsomm was trying to establish, and the layout was simplified to make it easier to navigate. The menu was made to be more user-friendly, with an easy-to-understand format that was also visually appealing. The booking system was developed to be more efficient, and the contact page was designed to make communication with Kingsomm more accessible. 


Our video campaigns for Kingsomm are designed to be unique and engaging. Rather than focusing on the venue itself or any special offers, we create content that is tailored to the interests of cocktail and wine enthusiasts. We have a spokesperson provide an overview of the menu, giving it a personality and creating a connection with the audience. This helps to build a strong brand identity and provide a memorable experience for viewers. Additionally, we use high-quality visuals and engaging, creative storytelling to make sure our videos stand out from the competition. Through this approach, we are able to deliver quality content that speaks to the interests of our audience and helps to strengthen the Kingsomm brand.


To create eye-catching and slightly abstract graphics for Kingsomm, we take a more creative approach than traditional media advertised by other wine bars and pizzerias. Our graphics feature bold colors, interesting shapes, and captivating imagery that stands out from other advertisements. We also use an innovative approach to creating static images or video, utilizing a variety of digital tools to capture the attention of scrolling customers. Additionally, we strive to create a unique brand identity for Kingsomm. We incorporate elements of our branding into the design of our graphics, creating a cohesive look and feel for our company. Our graphics are designed to showcase the personality of our brand and the variety of products and services we offer. We also ensure that our graphics are easily understandable, so customers know exactly what they’re looking at and can quickly identify our brand.

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