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Juanita’s is your go-to spot for a great time. Whether you’re out for a night on the town or just want to relax with friends, Juanita’s is the place for you. With a wide selection of craft beer, an extensive wine list, and a full bar, there’s something for everyone. The atmosphere is friendly and inviting and the staff is always happy to help you make the most of your time at the bar. Juanita’s is the perfect spot to relax, have fun, and make memories with the people you love.
There was no problem with Juanita‘s when we began. What they needed from us was growth. We were the first marketing agency to take on the venue and were there from the start. Our job was to build awareness, grow the brand, and bring customers through the door. Was it a simple task? No, there was no onemonth strategy for this. In order to build a consistent clientele, we needed to build a brand and a relationship with our customers, and that‘s exactly what we did. How did we do it?

– Built a simple, branded and easy to use website
– Generated a following on socials through ads and consistent posting
– Generated a database that we could utilise for Email marketing
– Graphic design for all digital and non digital graphics that aligned with the brand
– Photography for products and vibes
– Videography to utilise multiple creative content strategies
– Designed graphics for Merchandise to sell, a branding and advertising strategy   




The branding we established for Juanitas on social media was designed to be simple and classic. We used white frames around each image to give it a vintage photography feel, and to align with Juanitas classic branding aspect. The tone of voice we used was friendly, relaxed, and conversational, and the captions talked to the viewer rather than about the venue. We also used a mix of images, including some with people enjoying themselves, as well as images of the venue itself. This was intended to give the feeling of being part of the community and to create a connection between Juanitas and its customers. In addition, we used a variety of different hashtags to ensure that the posts were seen by the right people and to increase the reach of each post. For example, we used hashtags such as #supportlocal and #yourlocalcommunityfriend. You can see more of our branding by visiting the Juanitas Instagram page.


The website for Juanitas was designed to be simple and classic in its branding. The main focus was to create a site that would make it easy for potential customers to book a reservation, view the menu and contact the restaurant. Keeping the website clean and minimalistic allows users to easily navigate to the information they need without being overwhelmed by visuals. The graphics were chosen with the intention to keep the site looking classic and timeless. The homepage features an image of the restaurant and a call to action to book a reservation. Below that, users can find the menu and contact information. The menu page displays the dishes and drinks in an organized and visually appealing way. The contact page features a form for customers to fill out with their information and questions. Overall, the website for Juanitas is designed to be simple, classic, and easy to use.


The first benefit of merchandise for a business is that it creates a new channel of revenue, often with high margins. This is especially useful for businesses that rely heavily on sales and need to increase their profits. Additionally, merchandise also provides branding opportunities. The design of the merchandise, the colors used, and the message within the graphic can be used to reinforce the business’s brand identity and make it easier for customers to recognize the business’s products or services. The third benefit of merchandise for a business is that it can provide free advertising. For example, when customers wear a business’s merchandise outside of the venue, they are essentially walking billboards for the business. This type of advertising can be extremely valuable for businesses that want to increase their visibility and build brand recognition. Furthermore, it is essentially equivalent to word-of-mouth advertising, but in a visual form. This can be an effective way to increase sales and expand the business’s reach.


Videography for Juanitas is a great way to create excitement and hype around special occasions, such as anniversaries, new releases, and merch drops. When followers see a video, they know it is something special, so it helps increase the anticipation for these events. Additionally, running videos and static images as ads together can help create a stronger message and avoid creative fatigue. Using a variety of media and advertising channels can help ensure that the message reaches the widest possible audience. Furthermore, creating videos can help create a more personal connection with followers. Videos can be used to showcase the venue itself, and also to tell stories that emphasize the values that Juanitas holds as a business. This helps followers to connect to the venue and can create a more loyal customer base.

juantias merch

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