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Mercedes Benz Bunbury is a renowned luxury car dealership located in the city of Bunbury, Western Australia. They had a recent change in ownership and were looking to take their dealership to the next level within the social and digital space. They offer an extensive range of new and used Mercedes Benz cars, as well as accessories and servicing. Their showroom is located in the heart of Bunbury and they pride themselves on providing excellent customer service and quality vehicles

The problem Mercedes-Benz Bunbury were facing was the inability to differ from competition. The website they were using was fixed and they had no original content as well as no original advertising specific for their dealership. 

– Create unique specific content for the dealership
– Create a single page Bunbury website allowing flexibility (whilst following guidelines)
– Comprehensive competitor analysis on surrounding dealerships
– Restructure their retargeting strategy using tried and tested funnelling systems
– Create relevant and competitive Google Ads
– Constant posting of content to build social media presence and awareness 
– Generate more enquires/leads for the dealership through multiple marketing channels
– SEO optimisation to rank higher on Google then other developments in the area
– Email campaign marketing to capitalize on their current audience
-Create partnerships and brand collaborations to build awareness and have inhouse events(collaboration with a winery)



Social media ads are a great way to build both sales and brand awareness for the Mercedes Benz Bunbury dealership. Unique content and offerings tailored to this specific dealership can drive an emotional connection with potential customers. By creating content that speaks to the Mercedes brand, potential customers will be more aware of the dealership‘s offerings and may be more likely to choose them over competitors. By offering exclusive content, such as information or prizes, promotions and events the dealership can incentivize potential customers to choose them over competitors. Through consistent engagement and creative content, the Mercedes Benz Bunbury dealership can build a loyal following and increase both sales and awareness.


Creating a flexible unrestricted website for Mercedes Benz Bunbury is to allow for greater customization of the website and to make it easier for the dealership to promote their unique offerings. This website allows Mercedes Benz Bunbury to tailor their content specific to its Bunbury. Additionally, it will enable the dealership to capture more data and insights on customers and behaviors, which can be used to improve our marketing campaigns and optimize our product offerings. The website will allow Mercedes Benz to easily manage and update promotions, which will help to increase customer engagement and sales. Overall, this website will give Mercedes Benz the ability to better serve its customers and help its dealerships to better promote their products and services


Google Ads are an incredibly powerful tool for the Mercedes Benz Bunbury dealership to increase sales and get ahead of the competition. Google Ads can be used to target potential customers in the Bunbury area, whilst also reach a much wider audience. It’s used to target specific demographics, such as those who are in the market for a luxury car, allowing us to target their ads to the most likely buyers.

Google Ads are used to track the performance of our campaigns, allowing the dealership to see which campaigns are the most successful, what keywords are the most effective, and which ads are performing the best. This data is then be used to optimize campaigns to maximize their effectiveness and lead to increased sales and leads.


Video content such as customer testimonials, behindthescenes footage of the dealership, and car walkthroughs can help to differentiate the dealership from competitors and showcase the dealership‘s commitment to customer satisfaction. By creating exclusive video content, Mercedes Benz Bunbury can build an engaged community and create a recognizable brand identity. Additionally, this content can be shared across multiple platforms, allowing for greater reach and engagement with customers. This content can help to solidify the dealership‘s reputation, creating a loyal customer base and ultimately leading to increased sales.

Download the full case study below to see how we fincially benefitted the development so they could maximise their profit.