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Nestled in the vibrant inner-city township of Subiaco, Orchard Terrace represents the meticulous craftsmanship of Vestor Developments and Blaq Projects, renowned for their award-winning expertise. This remarkable residential project boasts an ideal location, featuring an eye-catching façade, a lush rooftop reminiscent of a resort, and exquisite finishes that epitomize luxury. With construction now underway, Orchard Terrace is poised to become one of Perth’s most coveted addresses. The distinctive architectural design integrates dramatic lines, natural elements of concrete, stone, timber, and expansive balconies adorned with verdant greenery. Offering a variety of apartment layouts, including studios, one, two, three-bedroom residences, and penthouses, many of these stunning homes offer captivating views, ranging from Subiaco Common to parklands and even the Perth CBD.
Before our involvement, Orchard Terrace faced significant issues with their website, including inaccurate information, broken links, and a lack of effective call-to-actions. These deficiencies prevented potential customers from easily accessing contact information for the agents or developers, hindering their ability to engage with the project. Orchard Terrace also required marketing content to provide to potential customers. We created a new, thoroughly revised brochure that highlighted clear selling points, various options, and contact information. This collateral served as a tangible takeaway for customers and was also made available for download on the website.
– Developing a more functional and practical website
– Enabled more call to actions on the website to ensure leads weren’t being lost
– Marketing collateral through brochures that had key selling points



As part of our efforts to enhance the website’s effectiveness, we implemented several key modifications. Firstly, we strategically incorporated more call-to-action elements throughout the website, creating clear pathways for user engagement. Additionally, we modified the information presented on the site to highlight the key selling points of the product or service, effectively capturing the attention of potential customers. To improve organic search rankings on Google, we also optimized the copywriting by incorporating relevant keywords that aligned with the target audience’s search queries. Lastly, we updated the website’s imagery to showcase progression, instilling a sense of urgency and encouraging visitors to take immediate action. Through these comprehensive changes, we aimed to create an engaging online experience that would attract and convert visitors into valued customers.


We have curated a captivating brochure that encompasses the essence of our real estate development. Carefully designed, it highlights the key selling points that make this project truly exceptional. With updated imagery, the brochure provides a visual feast, allowing you to immerse yourself in the beauty and vision of our development. Furthermore, we have thoughtfully included the contact information of all our experienced agents and developers, ensuring a seamless and personalized experience for potential buyers. For your convenience, the brochure presents a comprehensive outline of all the specifications available for purchase, enabling you to explore the diverse options and find the perfect fit for your needs. Lastly, our strong branding presence shines throughout, reflecting our commitment to quality and excellence.


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