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Eight Parker street was a Luxury South Perth project coordinated by a smaller development company. IT was demolishing pre-exisiting villa’s in hopes of constructing an all new, luxury tower with limited apartments available for purchase. 

With exceptional views and a highly desirable address, Eight Parker had larger price tags. With a limited amount of apartments available for purchase, this project required a concise marketing strategy in order to attract the right buyers. Being a smaller development company however, we had limited budgets to work with, creating larger limiting parameters.

– Ensure leads are highly pre-qualified buyers
– Create a simple aesthetic website to create an emotion and response
– Create a ads campaign focusing on international buyers/investors
– Retargeting strategy for pre-qualified leads
– Google Ads to build awareness and generate leads
– Refine marketing platforms to select few (allocate money efficiently) 
– Create engaging content for agents to advertise with and build a pipeline
– Create video campaigns to give the development an exclusive feel


Property Online Tech trends show 73% of luxury apartment buyers feel more comfortable when they have seen a video regarding the project. Knowing this, we ensure all of our projects push for video production. With smaller budgets this was a must, as video for audiences are perceived as higher budgeted projects. 

Video can be effectively used for advertisements, improve the look and use out of your website, marketing campaigns for agents and increasing your website ranking organically.


To give the development a more exclusive feel, we advised each agent to have a short video. This is a separating factor from other ongoing developments. Small use of video greats larger impressions from an audience. Despite the small budgets, video make projects look larger and therefore more expensive.


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