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Taylorweir offers a wide range of courses in hairdressing and barbering, from beginner to advanced level. The courses are designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills they need to become a successful hairdresser or barber. The curriculum is designed to cover the basics of cutting and styling, colouring, chemical treatments and salon management, as well as more advanced topics such as advanced styling, hair extensions, and salon business. The school also has a full suite of professional-level equipment and materials for its students to use, including hair colouring products, styling tools, and salon furniture. The teachers are highly experienced and knowledgeable in the industry, and have years of experience in the hair and beauty industry. At Taylorweir, students can expect to receive top-notch training that will enable them to enter the industry with confidence. The school also offers additional training and support to ensure that each student is successful in their chosen field. Whether you’re looking to become a stylist, barber, or salon manager, Taylorweir has the knowledge and tools to help you achieve your goals.
We worked with Taylorweir to create a comprehensive plan to help them recover from the financial losses they experienced during the pandemic. We identified areas where they could reduce costs and increase efficiency, while also exploring new sources of revenue. We recommended they expand their online presence and take advantage of digital marketing tools to attract new customers and reach wider audiences. We also suggested they look at ways to diversify their product offering, such as offering virtual classes and online courses. In addition, we advised them to reach out to alumni to explore potential partnerships and fundraising opportunities. Finally, we developed a strategy for maximizing the use of their existing resources and assets.

– Develop a new user-friendly website that is more interactive
– Create more engaging content to compete within the educational industry
– Assist with online course development to substitute for lack of international students
– Merchandise creation to increase branding and drive extra source of revenue
– Social media ads to increase awareness and influx of new students
– Google ads
– Educational booklets  




The merchandise Taylorweir produced was designed to be unique, providing 2 main benefits: branding and increase revenue. A wide range of T-shirts and hoodies featured the Taylorweir logo, as well as designs specifically tailored to hairdressing and barbering. These products were only sold to students, By providing merchandise with unique designs, Taylorweir was able to stand out from the competition and gain an edge in the market. In addition to the branding and financial benefits, by wearing the clothing, students were able to demonstrate their support to Taylorweir and show their pride in being associated with the company. This provided a sense of community, as well as a way to recognize and reward the loyalty of the company’s customers. Overall, the Taylorweir merchandise provided the company with several benefits. By producing unique designs, the company was able to boost its brand recognition, as well as generate additional revenue. It also provided a way for customers to show their support and loyalty, and created a sense of community among the company’s. 


To ensure the success of our video campaign, we conducted extensive market research to determine the most effective strategies for the Taylorweir audience. We brainstormed ideas for the videos, taking into account the demographics of the school, such as age range, interests, and preferences. We refined the videos and created a targeted video campaign which used the optimal combination of videos, platforms, and strategies to reach our target audience. We also ran promotional campaigns to increase the reach of our videos and to encourage engagement. To track the success of the campaign, we monitored the analytics to measure the engagement, views, and conversions. Ultimately, our video campaign was a success and resulted in increased engagement and viewership for Taylorweir.

TW Brochure


Taylorweir had a goal of creating a strong online presence and presence for potential future students so that they could get a feel for the environment and atmosphere before attending. To do this, photography was essential. We took a variety of photos that demonstrated the atmosphere and energy of the school. This included shots of students in the classroom, hands on training, and experiencing a real salon environment. The photos were used to create a consistent content marketing strategy, where we posted regularly with the same images. This helped to create an online presence and presence that potential students could see and relate to. Additionally, we needed to clean up the existing photos that were being used. These photos were old and outdated, and they didn’t give the right impression of Taylorweir to potential students. We were able to update the existing photos and add new ones, to create a cohesive and inviting atmosphere. This allowed potential students to get a better idea of the school and what it had to offer.


In order to create the brochures and study guides for Taylorweir, we began by establishing the brand and guidelines. Looking at the existing brochures and study guides and made sure to note the elements that needed to be updated, as well as the overall design. We then worked to create engaging designs that stood out and were aesthetically pleasing, while still ensuring that the instructions and the message were clear and concise. Finally, we made sure to test the materials for accuracy and clarity before sending them out.

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