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The Afterparty is an exclusive event held in Perth to host major acts following their initial shows. It provides an opportunity for fans to witness their favorite artists perform a closer, shorter, yet more intimate set. This event changes venues, and tickets are sold to enthusiastic fans eager to experience an up-close performance by the artist.
As The Afterparty was a new event introduced in Perth with no following during the peak seasons when renowned artists such as Freddie Gibbs, Kehlani, Chingy, Xzibit, and Nelly were in town. To ensure the success of each afterparty, our services were required to effectively promote the event and generate significant awareness among potential attendees to achieve a sold-out show.

– Captivating unique graphic design 
– Photography
– Videography
– Social media Ads
– Influencer marketing
– Content creation
– Multi-platform marketing


The Afterparty (Logo White)


Videography is of utmost importance in capturing and showcasing the essence of an event like “The Afterparty.” The inclusion of a close concert look in the videos becomes essential to provide an immersive experience and highlight the performances of the artists. The Afterparty distinguishes itself as a high-end brand in the realm of event hosting, setting it apart from smaller, minor events. To maintain this distinction, good camera techniques and precise editing are crucial elements in solidifying the brand’s identity. At Reign we pride ourselves in being skilled videographers who can expertly capture the energy, atmosphere, and intimate interactions between the artists and the fans, the videos become a powerful promotional tool. They convey the unique experience of attending “The Afterparty” and help to build anticipation among potential fans. Additionally, effective editing techniques enhance the visual appeal, ensuring that the videos align with the brand image and convey a sense of professionalism. The combination of excellent camera work, precise editing, and attention to detail ensures that the videography supports the overall branding strategy of “The Afterparty” as a distinguished and exclusive event, helping to attract a discerning fan base and solidify its reputation in the industry.


Hives graphics, we strive to create a unique and immersive experience for our viewers. We use 3D rendering and creative elements to make our custom designs stand out and give each event a unique look. We employ the animations to make sure that each event has a memorable and unforgettable experience. By incorporating symbolic 3d rendinger into all of our designs, we can make sure that hive is one of the most innovative and immersive events in Perth. In addition, we work to ensure that all of our graphics are aligned with the brand, so that viewers can easily identify the event and associate it with our brand.


Photography in high scale is essential for marketing an event like “The Afterparty.” It captures the vibrant atmosphere, excitement, and energy of the event, creating visual appeal that attracts potential attendees. Additionally, specific lighting techniques and a smokey look are employed to create a unique visual aesthetic that aligns with the distinctive brand of “The Afterparty.” Professionally captured photos showcase the venue, stage setup, and the interplay between light and smoke, enhancing the overall ambiance and adding to the allure of the event. These visuals not only enhance credibility and build trust but also contribute to the event’s branding, reinforcing its distinct identity. The captivating imagery serves as social proof, instilling confidence in potential attendees and driving ticket sales. Furthermore, photography provides a rich visual archive for future promotions, helping to maintain interest, expand reach, and showcase the event’s growth over time. In summary, high-quality event photography, coupled with specific lighting techniques and a smokey aesthetic, plays a vital role in marketing, enticing attendees, promoting the unique brand of “The Afterparty,” and showcasing its success and allure.


Utilizing multiple social media platforms, we implemented a comprehensive marketing strategy for “The Afterparty.” With 40 distinct pieces of content, we consistently provided fresh and captivating experiences for audiences. By tailoring content to various demographics, running targeted ads, and leveraging our previous event databases, we successfully generated significant interest. The culmination of our efforts led to a remarkable achievement—a sold-out show. This success solidified “The Afterparty” as a highly sought-after event, engaging diverse music enthusiasts and showcasing the effectiveness of our multifaceted marketing approach.

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